Friends of The Good Shepherd,

I hope that you are experiencing God’s love today, especially through the giving and receiving of kind and loving words and deeds. God’s love is truly found everywhere when we pay attention.

Jesus called his disciples to a higher righteousness. He doesn’t want us to simply be as loving, as merciful and as just as the world around us. He calls us to be as loving, as merciful and as just as he was. He expects that his disciples will stand out in a crowd. He wants the light of God’s love to shine brightly through the words and actions of our lives so the kingdom of God can be revealed. In other words, Jesus doesn’t want half-hearted Christians. He wants Christians who are fully committed to living The Way he has shown.  Are you giving a whole-hearted effort in discipleship?

When we do give our whole heart to discipleship, not only is the world around us brighter, but our own lives grow brighter as well. So, let’s remember to be kind, loving, compassionate, merciful and just today. Let’s allow God’s light of love to shine brightly through our lives.

See you Sunday.

  Pastor Dan