Friends of The Good Shepherd,

I pray that you are aware of God’s love that is shining into your life each day, especially through the people who love you.

Sundays at Good Shepherd can be beautiful experiences of the love and compassion God has for us. We experience this through one another, through the music we sing and listen to, through the scripture readings and the sermon, and through the prayers. We also can experience the healing and life giving love and compassion of God through the Eucharist. When we come to the altar rail and receive the Eucharist, we believe that we are receiving the loving presence of God in Jesus. When we consume the Eucharist God’s presence moves to the center of our hearts, transforming us into the image of Jesus. We are fed in order to be the presence of Jesus for the world around us; to be the love and compassion of God for one another. Let’s keep this in mind when we next approach the altar rail for communion. It can be a powerful moment in our week.  


  Pastor Dan