Friends of The Good Shepherd,

I hope all is well with you and that you are continuing to experience and share each day the love and compassion of God in your life.

What does Jesus mean when he refers to “the kingdom of God”? Is the kingdom of God in heaven? When Jesus begins his ministry he announces that the “The kingdom of God is at hand”. This seems to me to be a clear indication that he is not talking about heaven. He is talking about our lives in this world.  Jesus lived according to how he believed God would want for us to live, which was different in many ways from the way the religious establishment believed God wanted for us to live. For Jesus the kingdom of God was all about love, compassion, kindness and justice; especially for the marginalized and oppressed.

To be people of the kingdom of God we are called to live according to The Way of Jesus.  We are called to recognize and to reject that which contrary to The Way of Jesus. This includes all aspects of our lives. What parts of your life are still not aligned with The Way of Jesus, with the kingdom of God?



Peace!   Pastor Dan