Friends of The Good Shepherd,

I hope you are having a good week in which you have been aware of God’s love and peace!

   Ash Wednesday we begin the Season of Lent. During the Season of Lent, we are invited by the church to go deeper in our relationship with God and our commitment to follow The Way of Jesus. We don’t do this simply for the sake of the Church or for God’s sake, we do this for our own good. The stronger our relationship with God, and the more committed we are to living The Way of Jesus, the more peace and the greater purpose our lives have.
How will you spend this time of Lent? I invite you to consider the following:
1.  Spend extra time in prayer and reflection. Ask God to help you trust him more deeply, and turn over to God whatever burdens you are carrying. Do this daily. With God’s help the load becomes much more manageable.
2.  Ask God to give you the eyes to see those parts of your life that are not healthy for your body, mind and spirit; and to give you the courage to work on eliminating them from your life. 
3.  And spend 30 minutes a day just being quiet and still and thankful. This means turning off your television and stepping away from your electronic devices.  You can do this in one 30 minute period, or break up the 30 minutes into 10 or 15 minute segments.
I encourage you make this a prayerful and reflective Lenten Season. The closer we draw to God and his son Jesus, the healthier of lives become. 




Pastor Dan