Friends of The Good Shepherd,

I hope all is well with you and that you are continuing to experience and share each day the love and compassion of God in your life.

Christianity is a way of life, which we are called to live every day. To be a Christian is to choose to live as Jesus lived; to love as Jesus loved. This is what it means to follow The Way of Jesus. Christianity is not just a part of who we are, it is all of who we are. This means that all our decisions in life are to be made based on how they fit into the teachings of Jesus, especially the commandment of love. This includes our relationships, our work, our politics, and how we treat the people we encounter each day.

I am becoming less and less interested in number of people who call themselves Christian. I am becoming more interested in those who have the courage to live as Jesus lived and love as Jesus loved. Unfortunately, there are far fewer people who live and love as Jesus did than there are those who call themselves Christian.

Today let us choose The Way of Jesus in all we say and do. Let us be faithful to the teachings of Jesus, especially the commandment of love. Let us be authentic witnesses of Jesus in the world.

See you Sunday!

Peace!   Pastor Dan