Friends of The Good Shepherd,

I hope you are having a blessed Easter Season, filled with the power of God’s healing and life-giving presence.

On Sunday we will hear the following passage from the Book of Revelation; “And the one who was seated on the throne said, ‘See, I am making all things new’.” 
What is God making new in your life? What would you like to be made new in your life? And what are you doing to help God to make that possible?
I believe that each of us has something that we would like to be made new; something that is difficult, grown tired, or perhaps even oppressive. Maybe it is your heart that has been broken or has grown weary. Perhaps it is your mind that is filled with worry, uncertainty or fear. Perhaps it is a relationship, a job or an outlook on life. What needs to be made new in your life? God wants all things to be made new, which means God is at work doing just that. What are you doing to help God make that possible in your life.

See you Sunday!  


  Pastor Dan