Friends of The Good Shepherd,

I hope all is well with you and that you are continuing to experience and share each day the love and compassion of God in your life.

On Sunday we will celebrate Pentecost, which is about the gift of the Spirit of God in our lives. Without the Spirit of God the early disciples lived in fear. But with the Spirit of God they were empowered to become bold witnesses to the love and compassion of God in the world, following The Way Jesus had shown them.

The same Spirit of God that was so much a part of Jesus’ life and the life of the early disciples, is also available to each of us. Do you live as one who is empowered by the Spirit of God? Are you a bold witness of love and compassion is the world? Or has fear captured your heart?

Invite the Spirit of God into your life. Ask God to help you to open your mind and heart to the power of the Spirit of God. Ask God to help you to step out of the cloud of fear which keeps you from living to your full potential. With the Spirit of God as your strength and guide, be all you can be, live fully, love indiscriminately.


Peace!   Pastor Dan