Friends of The Good Shepherd,

On Sunday, January 12, we will commemorate the baptism of Jesus, which marked the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry. Jesus’ baptism by John the Baptist was a purification ritual that John performed for people to mark a time of re-dedication of one’s life to God. For those who were baptized it was a new beginning. For Jesus it was a confirmation of who he was and what he was called to do with his life.

Baptism in the church has also mark a new beginning in one’s life. This is especially made clear in the baptism of adults, who are taking on a new identity in Christ and beginning a new life following The Way of Jesus. It also means leaving behind one’s former life that is not compatible with the Gospel of Jesus.

As we commemorate Jesus baptism, let us be reminded of the life we live in Christ. Let us be reminded that we belong to God’s family, and are called every day to dedicate are lives to following The Way of Jesus. Also, let us reflect on the aspects of our lives that are not aligned with The Way of Jesus, and make the necessary change.

See you Sunday.

  Pastor Dan