Friends of The Good Shepherd,

How do you respond to those who have ideas or points of view that differ from your ideas or points of view? Are you open or closed minded to new ideas and possibilities?
In Sundays gospel passage we will hear about the Sadducees who confront Jesus about his belief in the resurrection. We read that the Sadducees do not believe in resurrection, which was a fairly new belief held by some of the Jewish people at the time of Jesus. It is clear that they are closed minded to this new idea and possibility.
This leads me to wonder what new ideas and possibilities are we closed minded to. Is God trying to lead us down down paths of life that could mean greater healing and wholeness and peace?  And are we so set in our ways of doing things on paths we have always known that we reject a new path that God is calling us to? 
I encourage you to try something new this week. Drive someplace you have never been and be observant along the journey. Or try a new item on the menu. Or read a book, just for fun. Or sit someplace different in church on Sunday (okay, maybe that is pushing it).  Just try something new and observe the experience and the new world view it presents to you.  Trying something new can be a first step in your journey down a new path to more fulfilling and satisfying life possibilities which God has in store for you. 

  Pastor Dan