Friends of The Good Shepherd,

I hope you are having a week that is blessed with an abundance of God’s love and peace!

On Sunday we will hear another passage about John the Baptist, this time from the Gospel of John. The Gospel of John was not written by John the Baptist, but a later disciple of Jesus (between the year 90-100 of the Common Era). Of the four Gospels of the bible, the Gospel of John was written last. Unlike Luke and Matthew, it does not have an infancy narrative of the birth of Jesus. In the first chapter of the Gospel of John we hear that John the Baptist came to testify to the Light which has come into the world. The role of John the Baptist was to point the way to the light of God’s love, to point the way to Jesus. John was not the Light, but a guide for God’s people to the Light.

We too are called to be such guides for others. By our life example, by sharing the light of God’s love with others, we can help others to experience and discover God’s love in their lives. Our role is not to be the Light for others, but rather to allow God’s love to shine through our lives by our words and actions.

I pray that you are having a blessed Advent season!


Pastor Dan